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Karen Hinson, Lead Analyst





Business Challenge

Chick-fil-A has leveraged data and performance reporting since 1999, when the company created documents manually – reporting financial information for every restaurant, region and the company as a whole. While this approach to reporting was valuable, it became time consuming and cumbersome. Reports provided data but lacked analytics that could make the data useful. The same challenge occurred with the company’s annual reports, which took more than a month to create and were expensive and inefficient to produce.

Analytics Solution

Chick-Fil-A implemented a Tableau analytics dashboard to automate report generation and provide updated data to teams at any time. Users can filter data quickly and customize the data to review the exact information needed for each task. The dashboard updates automatically, offers useful information to help users understand the business, and presents data in a way that users find engaging.


The dashboard enables Chick-Fil-A to build its annual report in a fraction of the time it used to take to complete, and the report allows the company’s executive team to log in and play with the data in addition to reviewing content.

Chick-Fil-A’s store locations also benefit from the data. A dashboard of product-based data is used to better organize store rooms and stock better for high-volume periods. The transformation has helped stores have exactly what they need, when they need it and has decreased customer wait time.