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Rebecca Wooters, Head of Digital Channels and Service, U.S. Consumer Banking at Citi





Business Challenge

Citi sought to better understand customer journeys to ensure that its customers are provided with a seamless, frictionless experience. From initial interactions with the company to a customer’s intended outcome and all touchpoints in between, identifying each customer encounter with Citi was an objective that would help the company reimagine its relationships with customers and create a superior experience for them.

Analytics Solution

Citi deconstructed the customer journey by identifying and mapping each element of interaction, including touchpoints with stakeholders, processes, systems and policies – plus the connections among them. The result revealed insights about the customer experience along all points within the journey, including call center, online banking and messaging within associated channels. Using those insights, Citi then remapped the journey, eliminating challenges such as inefficient processes, bottlenecks and inconsistent data tags. 


Data generated from the revised mapping is now ingested into Citi’s journey analytics platform, and the bank is developing an understanding of the customer journey across multiple touch points — phone calls, online banking, and mobile banking. Data from each customer touchpoint is combined with satisfaction indicators such as filed customer complaints and net promoter scores, enabling the bank to predict customer actions and reactions. The customer journey redesign has helped to reprioritize how Citi serves its customers and position it as a next-gen bank of tomorrow.