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Michael Rigney, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Regulatory Affairs





Business Challenge

Today’s customers expect a more personalized, Amazon-like customer experience, but customer service has not been a major priority for public utilities since they have historically functioned as near monopolies. Not only do utilities often have siloed data, but they primarily use transactional methods such as order systems to help customers. However, these systems don’t provide insights about customer preferences or challenges, resulting in customers receiving offers and messages from utilities that don’t address their needs, or even be conflicting.

Analytics Solution

To make the utility customer experience more personalized, EnergySavvy developed the Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform: an analytics-driven, end-to-end customer experience solution. It uncovers new customer insights by unifying disparate data sources from the utility and third-party data. The platform then integrates the data and applies artificial intelligence to generate insights to deliver prioritized, personalized messages and offers for each customer––across their preferred channels.


One of the first implementers of EnergySavvy’s UCX platform is the utility giant National Grid USA. Initial pilot results showed that the UCX platform dramatically increased National Grid’s ability to align its low-income programs with customer needs, resulting in a 120% higher enrollment in key programs. The platform helped to enhance customer service, reduce operational expenses, and deliver personalized customer experience through multiple communication channels. Based on the pilot success, National Grid is expanding the personalization solution beyond their 650,000 LMI customers to reach more than two million customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.