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MNG Health


Gina Pioppi, Strategic Insights & Analytics Manager


MNG Health


Pharmaceutical Marketing

Business Challenge

The pharmaceutical industry is charging headfirst into hyper-targeted marketing messages to healthcare professionals (HCPs) to deliver key treatment information at precise moments, ultimately improving patient outcomes. In light of this shift, biopharma brand managers seek a robust digital campaigning methodology powered by intelligent target selection and automated message delivery for their marketing programs.

Analytics Solution

MNG Health structured its processes, technology and solutions to be data-driven at the core, leveraging actionable intelligence and analytics in its clients’ marketing campaigns. The company optimized its infrastructure around a centralized data repository, capturing millions of touchpoints across multiple marketing channels. With this data, the team maximized analytics processes that generated powerful insights about HCP behaviors and engagement propensity.

This intelligence enables MNG Health teams to design and execute campaigns that deliver optimal, personalized communications based on everything they know about HCPs – from leveraging patient diagnoses data as a message trigger to predicting the ideal time at which the recipient is most likely to open an email – that are highly relevant, drive engagement and conversion, and ultimately generate accretive ROI for the brand. This new, more intelligent approach – the kind that can convince an HCP to change her behavior – is now what powers communications for leading biopharma brands.


MNG Health’s data-rich, insights-driven approach, combined with access to multiple communications channels, enables the company to help pharmaceutical clients effectively engage with targeted HCPs.

By applying data-driven decision making and automated message delivery, clients see increases in marketing engagement. For example, a recent campaign contributed to a 17% improvement in email engagement metrics versus previous efforts. Data scientists at MNG Health also strive to connect changes in behavior (e.g., improved email engagement) to real business outcomes, showing how improvement in promotional timing and targeting led to an increase in prescription volume for HCPs targeted by the campaign.