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David O’Toole, Director, eCommerce





Business Challenge

Since its founding, QVC has cultivated the unique ability to respond to customers in real time with the high demand generated in the moment via its broadcast channel. Now offering a multi-platform shopping experience globally, QVC strives to deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time. As technology continues to rapidly develop, QVC aims to maximize customer engagement across all digital platforms through the power of data. The Consumer Insights and Analytics team became increasingly aware of an opportunity to raise awareness of sales and product trends to help speed up business decisions, drive revenue, and provide a better shopping experience for customers.

Analytics Solution

QVC developed a proprietary internal process, Data Analysis Response Technology (DART), which enables the business to interpret customers’ shopping behaviors and apply their feedback to the way QVC merchandises and engages in the moment. By analyzing customer engagement across social, web, mobile and TV platforms, DART not only enables QVC to adjust future offerings accordingly, but also to react and adjust the approach intraday. The dashboards, alerts, and email digests developed update in real time and are used by the business to understand the day’s trends, including the current sales projection, top performing products for different customer types, onsite behavior, and marketing performance.


Since launch, DART has evolved to an innovation lab and learning center for the entire QVC business. QVC is able to monitor and predict trending products, inform what items to promote, and adjust inventory accordingly. The team is able to analyze time stamps of on-air dialogue and match them to digital data to show what action was taken, shining a light on on-air mentions by QVC hosts that drive spikes in sales. Additionally, by using social listening tools, DART helps to surface customer questions more easily and to share social testimonials on-air with viewers.