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SKC Communications


Joe Smith, Director, Emerging Technologies


SKC Communications


Unified Communication

Business Challenge

SKC’s business is primarily to help customers solve technical problems with custom solutions. Technology changes at a radical rate, and clients come to SKC in search of the best solution for their companies. Unfortunately, every office is different, and customer needs vary drastically, so there isn’t a single turnkey product that works for everyone. SKC’s clients lack the knowledge of what’s new, what’s best, or what would be the most cost-efficient solution for their offices. That’s where SKC enters as a top audiovisual integrator. SKC has a full staff to solve any need or challenge presented. A top client request was to have the ability to remotely monitor their rooms and proactively solve their technology issues before the employees in the building ever noticed.

Analytics Solution

SKC recognized this need and created a solution that remotely monitors equipment in meeting rooms. The company is able to dive deeper into the system, review which inputs are most utilized and which technologies are fading or not used at all by different departments. SKC uses this information to custom tailor room upgrades and future designs for clients and their specific internal needs and preferences. This translates to better utilization and cost savings by not implementing technology that simply won’t be used.


This analytics method takes the guesswork out of how SKC can best serve its customers and improve its revenue stream by using clients’ internal employee usage to drive future equipment sales and increase retention. Although SKC has not done a case study on the exact impact this has had, its support services rate has increased significantly.

Being one of the very few audiovisual integrators providing such solutions has earned SKC respected in the industry. Clients come to SKC after seeing or hearing of its remote monitoring abilities. Fortune 500-sized companies utilize SKC’s remote monitoring to decrease loads on internal staff that SKC can notice, diagnose, and solve before a company’s IT staff would have even noticed.