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Tyson Foodservice


Keith Barber, Director of Digital Customer Experience


Tyson Foodservice


Food Manufacturing

Business Challenge

Tyson’s internal B2B sales organization is relatively small, so they focus on national restaurant chains, but there are over one-million restaurants purchasing Tyson products through food distributors. These customers are referred to as “unattended operators,” since Tyson doesn’t have direct relationships with them. Most distributors aren’t exclusive to Tyson products and they don’t share order data. This motivated Tyson to leverage digital technology to scale sales, learn who the unattended operators are, and establish direct lines of communication.

Analytics Solution

Working as trusted advisors, Lima Consulting Group helped build the strategy and instrument, a solution that gave Tyson visibility of the complete customer experience. LCG built a dashboard in Adobe Analytics that ties data from a comprehensive technology stack, including digital properties, CRM, and ERP, to provide Digital Marketing’s contribution to Sales, which is the primary key performance indicator.

To gain the visibility we needed, we had to first document, integrate and digitize our processes with the customer at the center. We leveraged LCG’s design thinking practice and used process mapping along with customer journey mapping tools to do so.


Financial: Establishing baseline costs to acquire a lead and acquire a new customer.

Sales operations: Improving close ratio and accelerating pipeline and deal flow using a sophisticated lead scoring algorithm.

Marketing: Being better able to justify the business case for future digital marketing investments using a complete customer centric view.

Marketing Operations: Building out many more personas using customer segmentation data and coordinating a robust content marketing capability to launch a personalization at scale strategy using Marketo. Time savings in data preparation and analysis was improved by 8,000% and is done near real-time instead of on an ad-hoc/as-needed basis. We have grown our content marketing campaign volume by 5,000% since the beginning of this initiative.