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Saba Belay, Head of Commercial Data Science and Analytics Engineering





Business Challenge

Zoetis experienced the challenge of getting actionable insights out of its data in a timely fashion. Zoetis has several BI tools in place, which resulted in double or triple counting items, leading to the use of inaccurate data for decision making. With the lack of true self-service analytics tools in the market, Zoetis had to find the right platform to ensure that it best suited all of Zoetis’ technical and non-technical end-users.

Analytics Solution

Zoetis’ BI and analytics team had several tools in place, including Tableau and Business Objects. With the company’s challenge in mind, a decision was made to integrate ThoughtSpot into Zoetis’ tech stack. With ThoughtSpot’s technology, Zoetis’ BI team increased efficiency across data requests and enabled non-technical end-users to capitalize on self-service capabilities, allowing more time for the BI team to work on other projects.


The impact of ThoughtSpot has allowed Zoetis to replace static dashboards with a technological solution that enables the company to find answers quickly and at scale.