Academic Conference on Corporate Governance

Conference Outcomes

Since 2008, the Academic Conference, presented by the Center for Corporate Governance, has highlighted top research. The research is accepted for the conference when it is in its early stages. Consistent with the high quality of this research, much of it is subsequently published in the most highly regarded research journals.

The conference generally strives to select papers at early stages. To allow time for these working papers to go through the journal submission (and revision) process, we tabulate statistics based on papers presented through the 2017 conference.

Overall Conference Statistics (2008-2017)

Published Top 3 Top 3 - Econ Top 9
88% of total 65% of total 2% of total 80% of total

When compared to data in Reinartz and Urban (2017), Table 3, this places us above the top ranked conference included in their study. This is the case for both the Top 3 publication rate and the Top 9 publication rate.

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