Decision Sciences and MIS


The Decision Sciences Department has three major research disciplines: statistics, operations research and operations management. Statistics research topics include datamining, quality control, correlation/covariance and skewness models; in Operations Research, nonlinear optimization, which encompasses a range of mathematical methods to model and optimize the performance of complex systems in business, engineering, and medicine; and in Operations Management, the modeling and analysis of strategic and operational decisions in supply chain management and healthcare systems.

Recent Works

Gefen, David, Ben Assuli, Ofir, Stehr, Mark, Rosen, Bruce, and Denekamp, Yaron, Governmental Intervention in Hospital Information Exchange (HIE) Diffusion: A Quasi-experimental ARIMA Interrupted Time Series Analysis of Monthly HIE Patient Penetration Rates. European Journal of Information Systems (Forthcoming)

Li, Bin, Zhang, Shengfan, Hoover, Stephen, Arnold, Ryan, and Capan, Muge, Microsimulation Model Using Christiana Care Early Warning System (CEWS) to Evaluate Physiological Deterioration. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (Forthcoming)

Capan, Muge, Hoover, Stephen, Ivy, Julie, Miller, Kristen, and Arnold, Ryan, Not all organ dysfunctions are created equal &#-775232; prevalence and mortality in sepsis. Journal of Critical Care (Forthcoming)

Salmani, Yasamin S., Partovi, F. Y., and Banerjee, A., Customer-Driven Investment Decisions in Existing Miltiple Sales Channels. International Journal of Production Economics Forthcoming (Forthcoming)

Van Bergen, Matthijs, Steeman, Michiel, Reindorp, Matthew, and Gelsomino, Luca, Supply Chain Finance Schemes in the Procurement of Agricultural Products. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management (Forthcoming)

Dimitrov, Stanko, and Ceryan, Oben, Optimal Inventory Decisions when Offering Layaway. International Journal of Production Research (Forthcoming)

Li, Xiaolin, Wu, Chaojiang, and Mai, Feng, The Effect of Online Reviews on Product Sales: A Joint Sentiment-Topic Analysis. Information and Management (Forthcoming)

Du, Bowen, Zhou, Wenjun, Liu, Chuanren, Cui, Yifeng, and Xiong, Hui, Transit Pattern Detection Using Tensor Factorization. Informs Journal on Computing (Forthcoming)

McWilliams, Thomas P., Davis, Darwin, Saniga, Erwin, Lucas, James, and Faraz, Alireza, Characteristics of Economically Designed CUSUM and X-Bar Charts. Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control (Forthcoming)

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Li, Z., Zhang, Q., Du, X., and Lev, Benjamin, A Hesitant fuzzy multi-criteria group decision making method for college applicants’ learning potential evaluation. Journal of Data, Information and Management (Jan 2020):

Liao, H., Long, Y., Tang, M., Streimikiene, D., and Lev, Benjamin, Early lung cancer screening using double normalization-based multi-aggregation (DNMA) and Delphi methods with hesitant fuzzy information. Computers and Industrial Engineering (Jan 2020):

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