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Full-Time MBAs Earn Coveted C-Suite Co-ops

April 30, 2015

After rigorous academic study and a competitive application process, the Full-Time MBA cohort will soon be off to spend their summer completing a C-Suite Co-op, internship or international residency. A few of them recently gathered to share their placements, proudly holding signs displaying the logos of their new employers – corporations from across the region and nation. Their excitement is well-earned, as the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience at the C-Suite level comes after nine months of rigorous academic study and a competitive application process.

As the only program of its kind in the nation, landing a C-Suite Co-op is a significant achievement for these students. Stephanie Johnson, LeBow’s assistant director of MBA Career Services, says she was impressed with the way the 2015 group performed. “This close-knit cohort, with diverse backgrounds, was highly engaged, focused and well-prepared throughout the entire C-Suite selection process.”

Emily Riggins, who accepted an offer at Agile Therapeutics, credits the program’s hands-on approach for helping her prepare. “The application process was structured and rigorous, but the Career Services team walked us through every step,” she explains. “They organized resume and cover letter reviews and mock interviews.”

Even as the students celebrate their placements, they’re preparing for the challenges ahead in their co-op positions. Lenny Comma ’92, chairman and CEO of Jack in the Box (a C-Suite Co-op corporate partner) explains the expectations that come with the coveted placements: “In the C-Suite program, the organization expects a higher level of thinking from the student, and I think the student expects a greater challenge to be presented to them.”

After hiring a C-Suite Co-op last year, Mr. Comma was impressed with the career-readiness of Drexel LeBow MBAs. “The students are very capable and very prepared. Our organization feels that Drexel students in this program are going to contribute right off the bat.”

The 2015 cohort will spend the summer immersed in the required experiential component of the 15-month program. While the majority will be in C-Suite Co-ops at companies including Agile Therapeutics, Cisco, SAP and ARI, there will also be three in traditional internships and three more going abroad for international residencies.

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