Undergraduates Take First Place in National Diversity Case Competition

  • By Lisa Litzinger-Drayton
students with large check

A team of undergraduate students, dubbed the LeBow Dragons, recently took first place in the National Diversity Case Competition held at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind. The team of five beat out 35 schools from across the United States, including the University of Pennsylvania which placed fifth.

The students – Ariana Stroman, Rachel Kobol, Paulina Kathopoulis and David Hunt – were chosen by LeBow’s Undergraduate Office based on their participation in leadership opportunities, undergraduate majors, learning communities, student organizations, classroom experiences and student organizations. The case required the team to have the following: “Each team must be composed of four undergraduate students with a minimum of two of these members being from an ethnic minority. Also each team is allowed up to one senior (in their final or second to last semester) to participate.”

The teams were asked to create an innovative digital marketing campaign for a Fortune 500 company that was designed to reach a new diverse market through unique and innovative approaches utilizing social media channels. Other teams that placed include University of Washington, second place, and the University of Indiana, third.

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