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LeBow Announces Winner of Bandana Contest

September 09, 2011

It all started with box of freshly printed bandanas and a lonely Amazon Kindle. The premise was odd, to say the least. LeBow staff would distribute bandanas and encourage folks to submit inspired pictures on LeBow’s Facebook page. There was one rule: The picture with the most “likes” would claim the Kindle. A video was produced to announce the competition.

On September 6, after 82 submissions from as far as Europe, the contest concluded. Results were tallied; trends were exposed. Pictures of babies fared well, as did pics of canines and landmarks. Most folks held their bandana in front of them like a flag, or a matador’s cape; few actually wore it, though some tied it around statues or fastened it to objects.  

Grand Prize winner Kevin Dowling held his bandana proudly amidst the vines at the Stag’s Leap Winery in Napa, Calif.

There were pictures of beaches, tennis courts, climbing walls and waterfalls. Mario the Magnificent made a few cameos, as did a lifeguard, a mummy, the Roman Coliseum and a prehistoric crocodile skeleton. Even The Dude (read: The Big LeBowski) made an appearance or two. 

But above all else, LeBow pride claimed the real prize.  During the contest, LeBow’s Facebook page boomed, breaking 1,000 “likes,” while organic interaction grew by 30 percent. The three videos LeBow staff produced to promote the contest on YouTube amassed over 600 views and counting.  E-mail requests for bandanas abounded, so much so that the supply ran out long before the demand subsided.

And all of this for a bright yellow bandana that reads “MBA” across the crux. Not, say, a standard-issue college t-shirt or branded ball cap. The LeBow family brought its bandana on vacation to Cooperstown, Valley Forge and the Jersey Shore. While we might not be too keen on wearing the thing, we sure do hold it proudly.

Thanks to all who participated!

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