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LeBow Innovation Series Welcomes: Eustace Mita, Chairman and CEO, Icona Resorts

March 26, 2021

Drexel LeBow welcomes Eustace Mita, Chairman and CEO of Icona Resorts. Dean Vibhas Madan, Phd, and Mita discuss Mita’s entrepreneurial journey and how the hotel and hospitality industry is coping with COVID-19.

Eustace Mita
**Eustace Mita** *Chairman and CEO - Icona Resorts*

Eustace Mita is the Chairman and CEO of Icona Resorts, Chairman of Mita Management, and CEO of Achristavest, LLC.

In his early years, Eustace started a company, Mita Leasing, which became one of the top ten leasing companies on the east coast. Then in 1989, he joined forces with his uncle, who founded a company called Half a Car, which revolutionized the car industry. Eustace became President of the company and played a major role in expanding the company to over 18 countries with more than four thousand dealerships.

Half a Car became a powerhouse and eventually was sold in 2000 for many millions. Eustace found a passion for real estate and founded Achristavest, where he develops state-of-the-art residential homes around the country including Utah, Maryland, New Jersey, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, Nantucket, and most recently, Costa Rica.

In 2013, Eustace’s passion for real estate evolved into hotel development. He founded Icona Resorts, a luxury hotel brand which currently has locations in southern New Jersey including the Icona Diamond Beach, Avalon, and Cape May, which have all been ranked #1 beachfront hotels.

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