Research Spotlight: LeBow Marketing Department's COVID-19 Research

illustration of Earth as COVID-19

Join Drexel LeBow’s Marketing Department for a spotlight on the timely research being conducted around COVID-19. This spotlight features three 10-minute TED talk-style presentations with time for audience Q&A.

Topics and Presenters Include:

  • Jintao Zhang: When Should Retailers Increase Prices during a Crisis?
  • Wenyan Yin and Farhana Nusrat: Quarantining to Become a Better Me: Effect of Voluntary versus Compulsory Preventive Behavior on Consumer Adaptation During COVID-19
  • Carissa Anthony: Unleashing Heaven’s Power: How Faith Motivates Consumer Exercise Behavior During a Pandemic

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Headshot photo of Jintao Zhang
Jintao Zhang
PhD Candidate, Marketing

Jintao Zhang is a PhD candidate of marketing at Drexel LeBow. His research interests include:

● Behavioral Pricing
● Consumer Psychology
● Numerical Cognition

Headshot photo of Wenyan Yin
Wenyan Yin
PhD Candidate, Marketing

Wenyan Yin is a PhD candidate of marketing at Drexel LeBow.

Headshot photo of Farhana Nusrat
Farhana Nusrat
PhD Candidate, Marketing

Farhana Nusrat is a PhD candidate of marketing at Drexel LeBow.

Photo of Carissa Anthony
Carissa Anthony
PhD Candidate, Marketing

Carissa Anthony is a PhD candidate of marketing at Drexel LeBow.

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