Who Do You Know? Interesting Facts About Our Faculty

We thought you may want to get to know our faculty a little better, so we asked around to see if anyone had any interesting, well, interests, outside of the field. Here’s what we learned. 

Patricia Derrick – “I attended a one-room school for 7 years.”

Hubert Glover -  “I write poetry have authored one book on inspirational poems and just released a leadership book otherwise I am just a nutty professor!”

Barbara Grein – “I was a majorette in high school.”

Kevin Jones – “I enjoy traveling to different countries and experiencing the culture.”

Mark Vargus – “As a senior engineer at Lockheed Martin, I had to take a class to obtain my tank driver’s license so I could drive the tanks and heavy armor vehicles around the test range.  I have yet to integrate that knowledge into my course curriculum.”

Stacy Kline – “My teaching career began as an aerobics instructor.”

Anthony Curatola – “I am currently completing the renovation of my house. What is unique is that I am doing the work. And no, I don’t contract out.”

Jennifer Wright – “ I really wanted to be a cruise director like Julie McCoy, from The Love Boat.”

Curtis Hall –“I love watching documentaries. I spend too much time watching History Channel and PBS about subjects that I am sure nobody cares about.” (Not pictured.)

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