Zoom Co-Hosts and Breakout Rooms

Co-hosts can provide much needed relief when running a Zoom meeting with numerous participants. However, co-host authority is somewhat lacking when managing breakout rooms. By default, only the meeting host can create, transfer participants between and navigate into breakout rooms used for private group work. However, for larger meetings, you may have a co-host or -hosts who will be assisting breakout room participants.

If you would like to have your co-host(s) join breakout rooms to assist participants in those rooms, you can assign them to a room and then use the Options menu to allow your co-hosts to return to the main meeting so you can assign them to the next breakout room. To do that:

  1. Select Breakout Rooms from the Zoom toolbar.
  2. From the Options menu at the bottom, place a check next to Allow participants to return to the main session at any time. option.
  3. Navigate back to the Breakout Rooms window.

At this point, you can assign co-hosts to a breakout room at-will and they are free to move back into the main meeting when ready.

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