Allow Additional Assignment Submissions

In some cases, an instructor may want to allow a student to re-upload an assignment or re-take a test in Blackboard LEARN, even though the rest of the class is still receiving one attempt. This tutorial demonstrates how to allow additional attempts for one student on a specific assignment, test, or other submission.


  1. In your Blackboard course’s Full Grade Center, find the student whose attempt you would like to ignore. Follow the row of scores belonging to that student, keeping in mind that assignment names are located at the top of each column. Once you have located the grade for the desired student and assignment, hover over the grade cell and click on the drop-down arrow.

  2. From the menu that appears, select View Grade Details. On this page, notice the options available to instructors:

Screen capture of the View Grade Details page

The Exempt button will remove the assignment from the student’s grades entirely. This option should only be selected if the student is not required to complete this component of the course.

Both the View Attempt and Grade Attempt buttons will open the student’s submission preview page.

Clear Attempt will remove the assignment attempt without keeping any record that it was there. This should be done with caution because there will be no way to retrieve the details on that attempt (such as submission date, score, etc.).

Instead of using Clear Attempt, the Ignore Attempt option will keep the attempt in the Grade Center, but it will also allow the student to re-submit an assignment or re-take a quiz. The original attempt will not be visible to the student; however, the instructor will still be able to see the original attempt and its submission date. Edit Grade allows instructors to manually change a grade value that has already been scored.

Finally, at the bottom of the page there is an Allow Additional Attempt button. When this option is selected, a prompt will appear to confirm whether an additional attempt should be created for this particular student. Choosing Yes will give the student an additional attempt to resubmit.

Adding a second attempt might be useful, for example, if an assignment required two file uploads, and the student only uploaded one file on the first attempt. The second attempt would allow the student to either upload both the required files or upload the file that was previously missing.

Please note that the “Allow Additional Attempt” feature may be used prior to the assignment due date to allow additional attempts before a first attempt is ever submitted. This option can be useful in cases where an ODR letter lists additional submission attempts as an accommodation for a student.