Creating a Zoom Meeting

Follow the instructions below to create an online meeting using Zoom.

  1. Browse to and select Sign in Standard.
  2. Sign in using your Drexel credentials.
  3. Select Meetings from the menu on the left.
  4. Select Schedule a New Meeting.
  5. Complete the Schedule a Meeting form with the appropriate information.
    • Topic: We recommend using your course name or other recognizable descriptors.
    • When: Set the date and time you want the meeting to begin.
    • Duration: Set the length of the meeting.
    • Recurring meeting Set this option along with the associated form if the meeting will occur on a regular basis.
    • Meeting Options: Make sure Enable join before host is selected. If you would like to record the meeting, also select the Record the meeting automatically option and choose In the cloud.
    • Refer to Optional Meeting Settings for additional configuration items.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Once the meeting is created, select Copy the invitation.
  8. Select Copy Meeting Invitation.
  9. Paste the Meeting Invitation text into an email or calendar appointment to provide participants with the relevant connectivity information.

Optional Meeting Settings

Setting Options Description
Video: Host on Automatically mute the video feed of the host when they enter the meeting.
off Automatically share the video feed of the host when they enter the meeting.
Video: Participant on Automatically mute the video feed of participants as they enter the meeting.
off Automatically share the video feed of participants as they enter the meeting.
Audio Telephone Not Recommended
Computer Audio Not Recommended
Both Recommended: Allow participants to call in via telephone.
Dial from the United States edit Allow international participants from specific countries to call into a meeting.
Meeting Options Require meeting password Require participants to enter a password before joining a meeting.
Enable join before host Recommended: Allow participants into the meeting even if the host has not joined.
Mute participants upon entry Must audio feeds for all participants as they enter the meeting. NOTE: If you select this option and are connecting from an LCB classroom, the room will also be muted and you will have to log on to Zoom as a host to unmute it. Rooms cannot be unmuted from the podium.
Use Personal Meeting ID ###-###-#### Use a static Meeting ID instead of the randomly generated ID.
Enable waiting room Group participants in a space separate from the meeting until the host accepts them into the meeting proper.
Record the meeting automatically Records the Zoom session in its entirety. Set the record location to In the cloud
Alternative Hosts email addresses Allow other individuals to act as the host within the meeting. The alternate host emails addresses must be the official Drexel email address (ex.