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Zoom Cheat Sheet

When scheduling a meeting in Zoom, it can be difficult to determine which options will provide the best, most secure experience for your participants and co-hosts. The suggestions below will help you navigate these items to choose the recommended settings for your Zoom account and meetings.

Zoom Meeting Options

Refer to the settings below to ensure proper security and functionality is available for your Zoom meetings.

  • Topic: use as descriptive a title as possible (ex. ZOOM101-001 - Intro to Zoom)
  • When: set as the first day of class (January 11, 20201 for Winter term) @ your classes start time
  • Duration: set as the closest 15 minute increment to your class length
  • Recurring Meeting:
    • Checked for regular class meetings
      • Recurrence: Weekly
      • Repeat every: 1 week
      • Occurs on: set as class days
      • End Date: set as the end of finals week (March 20, 2021 for Winter term)
    • Unchecked for stand alone meetings
  • Registration:
    • Unchecked for regular class meetings
    • Checked for standalone events not utilizing the LeBow Events System for registration
  • Security:
    • Passcode: unchecked
    • Waiting Room: checked
  • Video:
    • Host: on
    • Participant: on
  • Audio: Both
  • Meeting Options
    • Enable join before host: unchecked
    • Mute participants upon entry: checked
    • Automatically record meeting: checked
      • In the cloud

Zoom Settings

To access your Zoom settings, login at and select Settings from the menu on the left.

Meeting tab


  • Waiting Room: Enabled (blue)
  • Waiting Room Options:
    • Users not in your account will go in the waiting room
    • Hosts and co-host only can admit participants from the waiting room
  • Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join: Disabled (gray)

In Meeting (Basic)

  • Auto saving chats: Enabled (blue)
  • Whiteboard:
    • Checked - Allow saving of whiteboard content
    • Checked - Auto save whiteboard content when sharing is stopped
  • Allow removed participants to rejoin:
    • Disabled (gray) - default setting
    • Enabled (blue) - only if a student was removed from a previous session, but should be allowed to rejoin future sessions. Should be disabled immediately after.

In Meeting (Advanced)

  • Breakout Room:
    • Checked - Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling

Recording tab

  • Checked - Record active speaker with shared screen
  • Checked - Record gallery view with shared screen
  • Checked - Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately
    • Checked - Active speaker
    • Checked - Gallery view
    • Checked - Shared screen
  • Checked - Save chat messages from the meeting/webinar
  • Checked - Audio transcript