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Change Leadership and Strategy Graduate Minor

The change leadership and strategy graduate minor will enable students to develop knowledge and skills that drive change in a variety of organizational and team-based settings. The minor builds from courses to facilitate an understanding of both change generation as well as change execution.

Students will learn applicable skills that cover strategic management, such as thinking strategically, managing innovation and forecasting technological change; as well as organizational behavior, such as carrying out a vision, communicating effectively and boosting motivation. This knowledge will engender a breadth and depth of practical skills that are directly relevant for leading change in a variety of organizations.

The minor is open to all graduate students across the University.

Program Requirements

Total Credits: 12

Course Title Credits
MGMT 600 Introduction to Change Management: An Integration of Macro and Micro Perspectives 3
ORGB 602 Leading and Executing Change 3
MGMT 604 Strategic Change Management 3
MGMT 690 Change Management Experiential Capstone 3

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