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Sustainable Operations Management Graduate Minor

A minor in sustainable operations management involves the design, analysis and operations of waste-free manufacturing system. Students in this minor will develop a through understanding of decision making within a manufacturing firm and a supply chain as a whole, while learning the principles of Six Sigma through hands-on applications.

This minor would pair well with many graduate degree programs across all disciplines, specifically:

  • Biomedicine
  • Culinary Arts
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion Design
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Project Management
  • Public Health
  • Retail and Merchandising

This minor can be pursued by students studying in both full- and part-time programs and is completed in person.

Program Requirements

Total Credits: 12

Course Title Credits
POM 610 Supply Chain Management I 3
POM 615 Supply Chain Management II 3

Select one or two of the following:

Course Title Credits
ET 635 Engineering Quality Methods 3
ET 730 Lean Manufacturing Principles 3
MGMT 676 Sustainability and Value Creation 3
POM 642 Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Logistics 3
STAT 634 Quality and Six-Sigma 3

Select one of the following if only one elective from above:

Course Title Credits
ECES 811 Optimization Methods for Engineering Design 3
EGMT 573 Operations Research 3
MATH 670 Methods of Optimization I 3
OPR 601 Managerial Decision Models and Simulation 3

Sample Plan of Study

Term Course
Term 1 POM 610
Term 2 POM 615
Term 3 Elective
Term 4 Elective

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