Graduate Minors

Leadership and Teams

The Leadership and Teams graduate minor will enable students to develop a deeper knowledge in organizational behavior and develop skills that they can put into practice as a leader and team member in a variety of settings and situations. Supplementing core technical knowledge, the minor will enable students’ abilities to effectively lead and influence others as well as effectively function in a team. These skills are applicable to a variety of context and situations and are fundamental for success.

Required courses:

Course Title Credits
ORGB 511 Leading in Dynamic Environments: A Personal, Relational, and Strategic Approach 3

Pick 2 - Supplemental Organizational Management Courses:

Course Title Credits
ORGB 640 Negotiations for Leaders 3
MGMT 640 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
MGMT 670 Business Ethics 3

Pick 1 - Experiential Course:

Course Title Credits
MGMT 680 Leading for Innovation 3
MGMT 635 Advanced Strategy Business Simulation 3
MGMT 715 Business Consulting 3

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