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Willy Schlacks, President and Co-founder





Business Challenge

Telematics solutions are highly valuable for contractors, presenting an opportunity for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to offer this technology in their equipment. However, building a telematics platform in-house can cost upwards of $40 million and requires years of development and constant updates. Realizing this problem, MachineLink developed a turn-key telematics solution that OEMs could adopt and easily brand as their own, offering immediate value to their customers.

Analytics Solution

MachineLink uses analytics to benefit both OEMs and contractors. For OEMs, MachineLink aggregates equipment data to provide them actionable insight for spotting engineering flaws and improving product designs. Additionally, the platform empowers OEMs to sell more parts and consumables by providing the data necessary to automate service and sell directly to customers.

For contractors, MachineLink allows unprecedented insight into the location, health and use of their entire fleet in real time. With proactive monitoring and alerts, contractors can maximize the utilization of their assets, minimize downtime and boost safety on the job site.


The MachineLink platform allows the company to improve relationships with OEM partners in three key ways:

• Providing a Pre-Built, White-Label Solution MachineLink provides OEMs data-driven insights for making more informed business decisions and offers their customers greater visibility into their equipment.

• Low Costs and High Returns There is no startup cost, developer time or maintenance/support needed to start using MachineLink. These have been key savings for companies that have adopted it to date.

• Eliminating Damages and Loss Through Analytics MachineLink has reduced unauthorized access to machines and material theft across its client base — the two leading causes of loss and damages in the construction industry, accounting for billions of dollars per year. There currently isn’t another solution on the market that tackles these two key risk factors contractors face every day.