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This sample Directors Academy agenda provides an overview of the topics and discussions that take place during the program.

On the Board’s Agenda

The demands on boards of directors are as significant as they have ever been. Economic and political uncertainty, threats of an economic slowdown, changes in the regulatory climate, and business-model disruptions are among the issues that directors need to consider. Each committee of the board faces its significant challenges. Please join us as we discuss these and other topics through the lens of key board committees to understand how these issues impact their agendas, and in turn, impact the full board.

Session I: On the Audit Committee’s Agenda

The audit committee is a vital subset of the board charged with a variety of monitoring functions. However, the audit committee’s priorities have evolved dramatically since the demands of Sarbanes-Oxley. We will take a fresh look at the audit committee’s agenda and workload as directors objectively analyze the myriad risks facing business today.

Session II: On the Executive Compensation Committee’s Agenda

Institutional investors, regulators and the media have illuminated a spotlight on just how critical a task determining executive compensation has become. A thoughtful compensation plan is integral to securing and retaining talented leaders, a step to ensure the long-term success of a company. This session will discuss how the executive compensation committee develops compensation plans and processes and addresses the external factors influencing compensation strategies.

Session III: On the Nominating and Governance Committee’s Agenda

The alignment of boardroom talent with corporate strategy is the key focus of the nominating and governance committee’s agenda. Directors are being held accountable for a wide range of issues including diversity, succession planning, independence, tenure and board refreshment by institutional investors, activists, proxy advisors and others. This session will address how the committee stays focused on addressing the needs of the company while being in the “line of fire” of various stakeholder agendas.

Session IV: Journey to the Boardroom

The key to a successful transition into the boardroom is understanding the behavioral dynamic and culture of the board. Participants will have the opportunity to talk with current board members and search executives about the successes and challenges of what it takes to prepare for board service and transition from a hands-on executive to a strategic board member.

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