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Directors Academy

Directors Academy

Directors Academy is the premier certificate program offering corporate governance for new board members.

Fall 2022 Program Overview

Directors Academy’s boardroom setting provides a small and targeted environment to foster interactive dialogue between participants and leading executives, corporate directors, and governance experts. Directors Academy provides participants an understanding of the increasingly complex and ever-changing role of a corporate board member prepared to contribute to discussions occurring in the boardroom.

Upon completion of this two-day program, graduates are awarded a Certificate in Director Education. With over forty graduates, Directors Academy supports graduates’ journeys to the boardroom. Alumni receive special access to resources such as current thought leadership, future Directors Academy program resources, and priority invitations to key Gupta Governance Institute programs. The Institute also hosts alumni board biographies on its website which serves as a resource for Nominating and Governance Committees and executive search firms who are seeking new board candidates.

The cost of attendance is $2,500 and includes all program materials and meals.

Key Benefits:

  • Earn credits towards a Certificate in Director Education alerting other corporate directors, investors, regulators, and stakeholders to your commitment to continued director education, leading governance practices and board leadership.
  • Earn twelve Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits per program
  • Board biography on the Gupta Governance Institute’s website upon completion of the program

Certificate in Director Education

Gain an in-depth grounding in the key components of corporate governance to enhance and broaden perspectives and put into practice as a key member of a board.

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