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The Benefits of an Executive MBA Program


September 11, 2019

Drexel LeBow offers an Executive MBA program designed to meet the needs of busy working professionals. Learn more about our Executive MBA program today.

An executive MBA helps professionals in management positions become more effective leaders, develop more dynamic teams and generate innovative ideas for their company.

The benefits of an executive MBA program go beyond that of a general MBA by focusing more intently on the leadership and organizational development skills needed to thrive in top positions within a company.

Executive MBA Salary Potential

Pursuing an executive MBA is not a decision many professionals take lightly. The cost, time and study requirements require considerable effort from top performers – but not without a reward. Graduates of executive MBA programs typically increased their salary by 51%, according to The Economist.

Though executive MBA candidates are typically occupying positions with higher salaries and earning potential than their MBA and MS counterparts, their salaries also increase with the completion of the degree and they are more likely to work in industry or manufacturing, according to Financial Times.

Promotion Opportunities

Graduates of executive MBA programs not only increase their salaries and earning potential, they also are more likely to advance their careers by entering into higher positions of management or start their own companies. Many executive MBA graduates choose to use their degree as an opportunity to change careers or seek new opportunities that lead to more lucrative positions.

Networking Opportunities

Most executive MBA programs have the advantage of being organized in a cohort that fosters expansion of professional networks, continued professional development and thought leadership. Students have the ability to go beyond their current networks and industries, enhancing their career through their network. Executive MBA programs provide the opportunity for students to:

  • Connect with industry leaders
  • Build a strong peer network
  • Connect with alumni
  • Participate in events and conferences

Work and Earn Your Degree

The executive MBA is specifically designed for students to complete their coursework without interfering with their professional lives. Most programs are designed in a residency format where students take courses on weekends over the course of two to four days.

Time It Takes to Get an EMBA

Executive MBA programs typically allow for students to earn their degree in under two years. Drexel LeBow’s Executive MBA program provides students the opportunity to earn their degree throughout an 18-month curriculum.

Find out more on our Executive MBA Course Curriculum, or check out a sample EMBA student schedule.

Online, Classroom and Residency Based Formats

Executive MBA programs are designed with the busy schedules of high-level professionals in mind. Limiting the amount of time taken from work and personal life, the executive MBA provides online, classroom and residency formats.

Residency-Based Experiences

Residency-based and immersion experiences provide students with the opportunity to focus on studies while living and working with their cohort. Executive MBA students have options to complete international residencies as well, with Drexel LeBow offering a week-long global capstone course.

Online Learning

Online courses allow Executive MBA students to earn credits and explore complex business concepts without requiring in-person commitments. Online courses in the Executive MBA program typically span the course of one to two months.

In-Classroom Learning

In-classroom learning encourages interdisciplinary learning and collaboration while encouraging students to explore current and emerging trends in business. The Executive MBA program is cohorted to encourage students to build strong connections to professionals across industries.

Career Support

Take advantage career services and professional development opportunities throughout the executive MBA program. With professional development and networking opportunities built into the program, the program equips students with the tools to advance their careers, tackle new challenges and find opportunities in new industries.

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