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Crisis Management: Building Organizational Resilience and Collective Wisdom

April 07, 2021

This webinar offers a broad view of how organizations respond to emergent and unexpected situations. We will see how organizations respond to crises, which result in both virtuous and pathological responses. We will look at important factors such as organizational resilience, collective sensemaking and wisdom, and risk and emergency management. Broadly, the webinar will look at the following:

  • Anticipating and making senses of crisis events
  • Strategic planning: setting up the crisis management response plan
  • Crisis management
  • Building organizational resilience and collective wisdom

In partnership with Drexel LeBow’s Corporate and Executive Education department; you can earn one (1) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit in the field of Business Management and Organization for participating in this webinar.

headshot photo of Rajiv Nag, PhD
**Rajiv Nag, PhD** *Clinical Professor, Management*

Rajiv Nag, PhD is a clinical professor of management at Drexel LeBow. His areas of expertise include:

● Change Management ● Innovation Management ● Organizational Knowledge and Identity ● Qualitative Research Methods ● Strategy Implementation

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Two faculty members will contribute their research expertise to LeBow’s ongoing College Research and Curriculum Innovation initiative.