Curtis Hall and Rajiv Nag Named Dean’s Fellows for 2020-21

As part of LeBow’s ongoing College Research and Curriculum Innovation initiative, Interim Dean Vibhas Madan has named two Dean’s Fellows: Curtis Hall, PhD, associate professor of accounting, and Rajiv Nag, PhD, clinical professor of management. They have each received a one-year appointment through the 2021 winter term to work on CRCI projects.

Hall will focus on developing and designing methods for measuring the alignment of LeBow’s academic programs with the College’s strategic goals. Working with the Office of the Dean and the CRCI committee, he will use a data-driven approach to assess programs, which can be replicated periodically to ensure continuous improvement.

Nag will focus on identifying opportunities in the area of micro-credentialing and creating collaborations between LeBow and external partners. Nag will work collaboratively with the Office of the Dean and other units within LeBow and Drexel, to create a structure for “competency-mapping,” further increasing the link between LeBow curriculum and market needs.

Both Fellows will meet monthly with the Dean and will provide quarterly progress reports. Both will also be invited to attend Dean’s Council meetings and to solicit feedback from Council members before submitting a final report and recommendations to the Dean at the end of the Fellowship period in March 2021.

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