LeBow Graduate Sport Management Students Win Case Competition

  • By Jamila Johnson
Sport Management Grad Students at CSRI Case Competition

Two Drexel graduate sport management students won the College Sport Research Institute Case Study Competition hosted by the University of South Carolina. Ariana Palmer ‘19 and Danielle Cook ’19 competed against teams from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Indiana State University, University of South Carolina, Georgia State University, East Carolina University and Belmont University.

Tasked with analyzing the Commission on College Basketball Report and providing recommendations regarding recruiting guidelines, sports agents, eligibility and more, they developed a framework for Division I Basketball that gave athletes the ability to benefit from their name, image and likeness, and presented their suggestions in a five-minute presentation.

Palmer and Cook, who are both interested in entering collegiate athletics after graduation, took the case as an opportunity to flex their muscles and focus on the new development in the industry. “There was so much happening in college sports that it was kind of challenging to keep up with all the new updates, rulings, news, and changes while keeping on track with classes, coaching, and working,” said Cook. “We decided to choose what we thought were the most important topics within the Commission’s report to touch on and went with that as the base for our presentation.”

Overcoming technical issues, nerves and a race against time, Cook and Palmer were both shocked and excited by the win. “Winning boosted my confidence in myself because it showed that I have what it takes to measure up to what some of the other students in my same shoes are doing,” said Palmer. “Sometimes, being an online student, you can get a bit lost and feel distant from campus, while other students are immersed in their university culture every day. But the win validated that our hard work for those few weeks was definitely worth it!”

For Cook the win took on a different meaning. “I was shocked because we were the only team with two people – two females at that – who just also happened to be African Americans,” said Cook. “The college sports industry is such a male dominated industry so I think it is important to highlight the gender and diversity that we represent. I can tell you that we both were overwhelmed with joy and excitement.”

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