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LeBow’s Center for Business Analytics Continues Partnership with Precisely for Data-Driven Insights


June 13, 2024

In the ever-changing business landscape, companies must adapt swiftly. Data has become a vital resource for business leaders aiming to thrive and expand. However, the question remains: Can organizations truly rely on their data for trustworthy decision-making? Is it accurate, consistent and contextual? Ensuring data integrity is crucial for success.

To answer this question and better understand the state of data integrity, the Drexel LeBow Center for Business Analytics continued its applied research partnership with Precisely, a global leader in data integrity, surveying more than 450 data and analytics professionals on their organizations’ data strategies, challenges and priorities.

One key finding of the survey is that 77% of respondents say data-driven decision-making is an important goal of data programs. And in the face of economic constraints, organizations are leveraging cloud, advanced analytics, automation and digital transformation to increase flexibility, efficiency and agility, and reduce operating costs. The research finds that more and more organizations across the world are investing in automation.

“The findings illustrate the comprehensive impact of data programs across industries and the needs, opportunities and successes that exist within organizations,” said Murugan Anandarajan, PhD, academic director for the Center for Business Analytics and professor of decision sciences and MIS. “We are delighted to have partnered with Precisely to pursue a shared goal of equipping organizations with insights to help them identify and work toward their own data objectives.”

The Center for Business Analytics’ initial applied research collaboration in 2021, stemming from Mark Garvey, a former Precisely senior account executive and member of LeBow’s Business Analytics Advisory Council, has evolved into an impactful partnership that convenes the expertise of academic research and practical application.

“Partnering with the LeBow team of research experts, who are just as passionate about data integrity as Precisely, has been a tremendous experience,” said Kevin Ruane, chief marketing officer at Precisely. “Together, our research has helped thousands of data leaders benchmark their progress and make a compelling business case to support data programs that will drive their organizations forward.”

For LeBow, the research findings provide a lens into industry challenges and an opportunity to validate and influence the college’s business analytics offerings, ensuring that students are well-prepared to address organizations’ data integrity needs in their future roles. Through collaboration with Precisely, the Center for Business Analytics can provide wide-ranging impact for leaders and decision-makers.

“Precisely has a long history of building relationships with industry thought leaders, partners and analysts to understand business and technology trends and develop a strategic direction that delivers meaningful innovation and service to our customers,” said Josh Rogers, Precisely CEO. “Our partnership with the Center for Business Analytics helps us keep a pulse on what’s driving the data integrity industry and provides valuable insights to data leaders who are striving to make data-driven business decisions. What’s more, our collaboration also helps students on their journey to future careers as data and business analytics practitioners.”

The collaboration between LeBow and Precisely is a powerful conduit for bridging the gap between academic theory and real-world application.

“Our partnership exemplifies the possibilities that arise when academic and professional endeavors merge,” said Diana Jones, executive director for the Center for Business Analytics.

View the full report.

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Headshot of Murugan Anandarajan

Senior Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Faculty Affairs, Academic Director, Dornsife Office for Experiential Learning, Professor, Decision Sciences and MIS

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Executive Director, Center for Applied AI and Business Analytics, Dornsife Office for Experiential Learning, Dean's Office

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