New Way to Submit Final Grades

Many faculty members at LeBow are taking advantage of submitting final grades with the Bb Learn Grade Submit Tool. Prior to the launch of this tool, faculty would typically go back and forth between excel, the Bb Learn Grade Center, and Banner. This took time and often resulted in grade entry errors, but the new tool has streamlined the process. Professor Christopher Finnin was able to save time by being able to stay within Bb Learn and reduce the need to double check for entry errors.

Professor Michael Howley says, “It can be frustrating to switch to another system at the end of the term, but this tool actually works well.”

Professor Patricia Robak worked with the LeBow Instructional Tech team to setup the Bb Learn Grade Center in her course. She adds, “Once I had set up the grade center and copied it from term to term, there is not as much additional work needed.”

Not only is the process easier for faculty, students are able to access to their grades throughout the term in Bb Learn’s grade center and receive their final grades sooner. Professor Howley has also seen a reduction in student questions regarding grades. Students see their entire history in the grade center including their final grade.

If you would like to learn more about using the Bb Learn Grade Submit Tool, contact LeBow InTech.

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