Master's in Marketing

Gain the Technical Capabilities to Engage Consumers in Today's Dynamic Markets

Marketing practices have dramatically shifted with the rise of big data, marketing analytics, digital marketing and social media. Today’s marketers face an empowered consumer with a variety of media at their disposal.

Marketers now require a higher degree of technical capabilities. The Drexel LeBow Master’s of Science in Marketing provides a solid foundation in marketing strategy, research and planning as well as consumer behavior and global marketing.

Why Pursue a Master’s in Marketing?

The MS in Marketing degree program provides the flexibility for focused training in digital marketing and social media marketing strategies, the psychology of consumer behavior and/or cutting-edge research methodologies and techniques. The MS in Marketing program at our Philadelphia campus is ideal for both marketers looking to broaden their technical skills and make a bigger impact as well as career changers. As part of the Marketing Department, this graduate degree program will emphasize analysis of and critical thinking about complex marketing problems; the development of effective marketing strategies and tactics appropriate to the environmental context and effective promotion utilizing digital and mobile marketing.

MS in Marketing Program Details Delivery

Plan of Study and Course Requirements

Refer to the Drexel University Catalog for complete degree requirements and course descriptions.

In addition to a Master of Science degree in marketing, Drexel LeBow also offers an MBA program with a specialization in marketing for students who are looking for a more generalized business education with a focus in the evolving world of marketing.

MS in Marketing Graduate Minors

Graduate minors highlight Drexel’s collaborative and interdisciplinary spirit by allowing you to take interrelated graduate-level courses outside of your major graduate program. Enrich your graduate studies in marketing with supplemental knowledge and skills that provide additional professional expertise.

Examples of minors that may benefit MS in Marketing students include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Business

Students without a business background may find a minor in Business to be advantageous.

A full list of optional graduate minors can be found on the Drexel Course Catalog.

Admission Requirements for a Master’s Degree in Marketing

If you want to learn more about Drexel LeBow’s Master of Science in Marketing program, you can attend an information session or request additional information. Ready to apply? Use our online application form to get started!

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