BS in Economics

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BS in Economics

The School of Economics’ STEM-Designated Bachelor of Science in Economics provides a broad education with a focus on quantitative methods and professional skills. Besides earning a degree as an economics major, students can also choose from two concentrations - business economics or mathematical economics - or they can develop depth of knowledge in a secondary field outside of economics through our coordinate field option.


Students who enroll in the BS in Economics can choose one of two concentrations, or our coordinate field option:

Business Economics

Prepares you to apply the rigorous methods of modern quantitative economics in a business context. This program combines coursework in economics and the functional fields of business administration within the context of a general scientific and humanities curriculum.

Mathematical Economics

Prepares you for graduate study in quantitative and rigorous programs in economics and related fields. This program also prepares you for professional work in quantitative economics or closely related areas by providing coursework in economics and mathematics in the context of a general scientific and humanities curriculum.

Coordinate Field Option

As an alternative to choosing a concentration, you may also personalize your degree by developing a depth of knowledge in a secondary minor or major field outside of economics — such as finance, social sciences, international studies or natural sciences.

Plan of Study

View the BS in Economics Plan of Study in the Drexel Course Catalog.