Center for Teaching Excellence


Fellowships are awarded to tenured or clinical faculty members, at the associate level or higher, who have demonstrated excellence in teaching. Fellows serve two-year terms and assist the director with developing events to promote excellence in teaching.

Former Fellows

David Becher, PhD
Jodi Cataline
Anthony Curatola, PhD
Dana D’Angelo
Lawrence Duke
Richard Freedman, JD
Teresa Harrison, PhD
Michael Howley, PA-C, PhD
Paul Jensen, PhD
Hyokjin Kwak, PhD
Stacy Kline, CPA
Christopher Laincz, PhD
Frank Linnehan, PhD
Arunkumar Madapusi, PhD
Thomas McWilliams
Edward Nelling, PhD
Maria Olivero, PhD
Samir Shah
Rajneesh Suri, PhD
Srinivasan Swaminathan, PhD
Joan Weiner, PhD
Jennifer Wright, CPA
Yoto Yotov, PhD
Jonathan Ziegert, PhD