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The Center for Nonprofit Governance within the Raj & Kamla Gupta Governance Institute explores boardrooms topics that expand the boundaries of current practitioner and academic knowledge, grounded in the latest research. Through its knowledge sharing initiatives, CNG fosters high-impact collaborations between nonprofit leadership, key nonprofit governance experts and faculty members by providing objective, empirical evidence to previously unexplored questions facing board members and management teams in the nonprofit sector.

Dozens of human hands raised in the air with hearts superimposed on their palms

In the latest edition of Philly Nonprofits By the Numbers, GGI examines organizations’ geographic distribution across twelve Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Bullseye target with arrows

To what extent do fund managers possess the ability to generate excess returns from investing in firms before they become targets for a merger or acquisition?

Male symbol and female symbol on the scale

A study by Curtis Hall, associate professor at LeBow College of Business, finds smaller gender pay gaps among executives of nonprofit organizations.

Businesspeople competitively pushing objects

An study measures the level of competition in U.S. nonprofit sectors and shows that a small number of organizations can establish competition in donor markets.

Business people climbing the corporate ladder

A researcher at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business finds a novel link between the organizational design of regulators and their enforcement actions.

Businesswomen in a hot air balloon shaped like brain

Research at Drexel’s LeBow College of Business dispels the view that executive pay rewards CEOs for good luck but does not penalize them for bad luck.

image of golden paper boat leaving a line of white paper boats

Most nonprofit practitioners are acutely aware of the conventional financial management norms for their sector and recognize the impact that such norms may have on giving decisions by donors.

illustration of one person helping another climb a cliff

Elizabeth Searing, PhD, assistant professor at UT-Dallas, suggests three questions that nonprofit boards and executives can use for meaningful discussions.

Men jumping over hole

Teresa Harrison, PhD, discusses how collaboration and coordination between nonprofits becomes more critical in trying times.

Steering Towards the Future Zoom Image with Text

A discussion on how nonprofit boards can provide the crucial leadership needed to steer their organizations toward survival.

 Unique Value Proposition

Valerie M. Jones, CFRE, discusses the value of securing capital using the nonprofit’s UVP.

Community investment vector

Although CDFIs have existed for more than 30 years, their recent growth offers new hope for nonprofit organizations seeking access to capital.

Assets Beyond the Balance Sheet

As assets, a nonprofit’s intellectual property requires governance oversight and thoughtful management as part of the board’s fiduciary duty.

Board Due Diligence Graphic

Patricia Connolly, executive director of the Raj & Kamla Gupta Governance Institute, emphasizes the value created when boards and investors consider the business of nonprofits.

Nonprofit Business

A discussion about reimagining nonprofits to face the unique challenges arising in today’s changing landscape.

Nonprofit Governance Change

Nonprofits face many challenges today that are unique to the sector, but nonprofit organizations are not necessarily as different from their for-profit counterparts as one might think.

Nonprofit Governance Change

Why nonprofit boards should act more like their private brethren.

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