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Real Estate Management and Development Major

Institutional investment in real estate prompted a spike in demand for knowledgeable property managers who understand how to increase property value and generate a return on investment. As a result, Drexel offers a real estate management and development degree to meet the increasing demand for real estate management professionals.

Why Major in Real Estate Management?

A university-based education provides the requisite critical thinking skills, business acumen, technological competencies, social responsibility awareness and leadership skills necessary to address the current and ever-changing environment of property management and its complex asset types (e.g. multifamily apartments, office buildings, retail centers, industrial parks and warehouses, student housing, affordable housing, privatized military housing and active adult living).

The program provides an interdisciplinary education necessary for success in the ever-expanding and complex field of real estate management. This bachelor’s degree program incorporates Philadelphia’s amazing real estate market as its outdoor classroom.

The curriculum consists of courses that will equip students with a foundation in real estate operations and management, along with specialized courses in:

  • Accounting
  • Asset management
  • Business law
  • Construction management
  • Finance
  • Sustainability
  • Urban economics

The curriculum also includes the option of one or three six-month co-op experiences that partners classroom knowledge with experiential learning to further develop the requisite skills students need to succeed as professionals.

Degree Options

BS in Business Administration (real estate management and development major)

Students studying real estate management will receive a BS in Business Administration with major in real estate management and development. The real estate management major is available to all students enrolled at Drexel LeBow.

Additional Resources

Minor in Real Estate Management and Development

A minor in real estate development can be a great supplement to a wide range of degrees, including finance, general business and marketing among others. The Real Estate Management Minor concentration is available to all students enrolled at Drexel LeBow.

BS / MBA Dual Degree (Bachelors Degree in Real Estate Management/Masters in Business Administration)

LeBow’s BS/MBA program provides academically qualified students with the opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA with five years of study.
Admission Requirements

All interested students should meet with an advisor. Make an appointment by calling the Undergraduate Advising Office at 215.895.2110.