Camp Business

Students stand in front of classroom


The most influential event that has prepared me for success in college is easily the Drexel University Camp Business program. …We met several professors and took part in four hours of lecture each day in addition to preparing for the team business pitch competition. We had picnics outside on campus, walked around the city in our free time, and I built great relationships with my peers, who were from all over the country. Meeting a diverse group of new friends helped me to realize that although we have different backgrounds and beliefs, we all share the same goals. This experience in Philadelphia solidified my love for business and confirmed that it is the major that I want to pursue.”
Alec Ambrose, 2021

I valued my time at Camp Business as I got the opportunity to take college-style classes to further explore my interest in business as a major. Camp Business helped guide my college decisions today and I am grateful for the hands-on leadership experience. I enjoyed meeting great people from across the country as well and building new relationships.”
Bridget Gerber, 2021

Camp LeBow is a must for any student considering studying business in college. The staff and faculty were wonderful, spirited, and engaging. I can’t believe how much I learned in one week while having fun at the same time!”
Nick Clerici, 2021

My week-long experience at Camp Business was nothing short of spectacular. I met and networked with peers my age and created long-lasting relationships with current students. The camp teaches the fundamentals of business topics/ideas along with creating a Powerpoint product presentation, work in Excel, an elevator pitch, interview conduct, and many more skills… Camp Business is genuinely an “out of this world” program, and I would encourage all prospective students interested in business to attend the camp.”
Tommy Burga, 2021

I enjoyed every aspect of the camp and now have a better understanding of the different parts of business. My favorite session was the finance session. I have always been interested in numbers and the stock market but did [not] fully understand what finance was, but now I do. Although my team did not win the product idea challenge, I had a great time with them creating our product, the Grab ’n Go.”
Adam Levinsky, 2020

The program really helped me gain perspective on the types of business that interest me. The counselors and professors were engaging and provided me with a lot of valuable information. Additionally, creating and presenting a product pitch was a great opportunity that I think will be helpful as I continue to do presentations in the future. I am looking forward to learning about business in more detail in the coming years.”
Evan Link, 2020

“Camp Business at Drexel was a phenomenal week. It consisted of countless activities that made the camp very enjoyable. Hearing from intelligent professors, competing amongst my peers, and exploring the city were some of my favorite parts of the camp. I am certain I have created relationships that will last a lifetime. Absolutely recommend this camp to anyone interested in majoring in business in college.”
Luc Blancato, 2019

LeBow’s Camp Business was one of the best summer experiences I have ever had. It was so much fun getting to make connections with people from all around the world and learn what it is like to be a college student. They were able to find the perfect mix of learning about life at college while still having fun and exploring the city.”
Paige Bathurst, 2019

Camp Business allowed me to meet people from all over the world. I got great college experience from living in the dorms for a week and learning from great faculty. I made great memories while learning and meeting new people- overall it was an amazing experience.”
Sanika Nawathe, 2019