Decision Sciences and MIS

Past Seminars

John Jiang’s, PhD, research interests are financial accounting, cybersecurity and finance

PhD Candidate Yuyue Chen will present research that proposes a holistic view to explore the intrinsic connections between intelligence aggregation and signal disaggregation using optimization models.

Dr. Triche will present his paper, Aligning BI & Analytics Undergraduate Programs with Industry Demand Using the Labor Market Alignment Framework.

Dr. Wu’s research interests are Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Social Media, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Productivity

Dr. Mankad research interests are Operations, Technology and Information Management.

Dr. Jung will be presenting a paper titled “The secret to finding love: A field experiment of choice structure in online dating platform”

Dr. Li will be presenting, “Last-mile Commute: Impact of Bike-sharing on Restaurants”

Dr. Arinze will be presenting, “A Research Agenda for the use of IoT technologies in the Supply Chain”

Yaqin Sun will present her job market paper titled, “Can learning-by-doing hurt profit? The case of outsourcing and contract manufacturer encroachment”

Yuyun Zhong will present her job market paper titled, “Information Provision under Showrooming and Webrooming”

Decision Sciences and MIS guest speaker, Amina Shahzad, will discuss her industry experience and tools used in the Supply Chain industry.

Dr. Schneider will be presenting “The Effects of Data Protection on Forecasting Models.”

Tim Jordan will be discussing how supply chain strategies are shifting to support digitization and the technologies that are changing the competitive landscape

Dr. Fang is a professor at the University of Delaware and will be presenting A Deep Learning Approach to Industry Classification

Yasamin Salmani will present Investment Decision Making in Improving Multiple Sales Channels