Decision Sciences and MIS

Past Seminars

Presentation: “Delays In Information Presentation Lead To Brain State Switching, Which Slows User Response Time”

Speaker: Clark Pixton, PhD
School of Business, Brigham Young University

Presentation: “Temporal Hierarchies for Time Series Forecasting: Benefits and the Way Forward”

Jonathan Black, PhD’s research explores discretion in financial reporting.

Thomas G. Ruchti, PhD’s research explores how firms and markets respond to information.

Presentation: “Signaling Quality with Return Insurance: Theory and Empirical Evidence”

Presentation: “A Dark Future for AI: The Looming Spectre of SkyNet?”

Presentation: “Cooperative Distributed Inferencing (CDI): An Intelligent Control Agent Based Technology”

Connie Weaver’s, PhD, research investigates the effects of income taxes on financing, investing, and financial reporting decisions.

Connecting the Parts with the Whole: Toward an Information Ecology Theory of Digital Innovation Ecosystems

Advances in new product forecasting

John Jiang’s, PhD, research interests are financial accounting, cybersecurity and finance

PhD Candidate Yuyue Chen will present research that proposes a holistic view to explore the intrinsic connections between intelligence aggregation and signal disaggregation using optimization models.

Dr. Triche will present his paper, Aligning BI & Analytics Undergraduate Programs with Industry Demand Using the Labor Market Alignment Framework.

Dr. Wu’s research interests are Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Social Media, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Productivity