Certificate Program Admissions

Certificate Program Admissions

Our Admissions Committee seeks an exceptionally talented and diverse group of students who will prosper in and contribute to an environment that is academically rigorous, professionally rewarding and personally enriching. Applications are available for the following programs:

LeBow also offers certificates in Digital Marketing, Executive Retail Leadership and Director Education. Professionals interested in the Digital Marketing or Executive Retail Leadership certificates do not need to submit an application and can register for these programs directly.

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Those interested in a Certificate of Director Education must first apply to the Director’s Academy.

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Our admissions specialists take a holistic approach to evaluating applicants to LeBow certificate programs. A number of criteria determine admission, including college transcript(s) and prior work experience.

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Advising and Support

The LeBow Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Office is here to support you as you progress through your chosen certificate. We have the knowledge, resources and flexibility to connect with you and to help you make the right decisions to ensure your academic success.