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International Consulting Residencies

International Consulting Residencies

Housed in the Dana and David Dornsife Office for Experiential Learning, international consulting residency courses at Drexel LeBow offer students a unique combination of real-world consulting and international travel. These opportunities allow students to act as consultants to an organization in another country while experiencing and learning about business practices and cultural norms abroad.

Throughout the course, MGMT 380, students work in teams to tackle challenges and deliver recommendations for the organization’s challenges. Ten weeks of the course take place on campus, with student and organization interactions facilitated remotely. At the conclusion of the course, students travel abroad on an international residency to present their work to the organization in person. During the one-week experience, students also participate in business visits and cultural activities.

Upcoming International Consulting Residencies

Fall 2023 Coming Soon!

Previous International Consulting Residencies

Dublin, Ireland – Fall 2022

Students worked with a Dublin-based company to provide research-based recommendations for business problems, with potential projects including:

  • Consumer research and financial insights
  • Industry, competitor, exploratory and strategic analyses
  • Product portfolio optimization

Read more about the consulting project in Dublin

Bucharest, Romania and Budapest, Hungary – Fall 2019

Students consulted for Romania’s largest car rental company to:

  • Identify vertical integration opportunities
  • Develop international market entry strategies
  • Build an approach to innovation management

Lilongwe, Malawi – Summer 2019

Students consulted for World Vision International to:

  • Research rural hygiene best practices
  • Identify region-specific resources
  • Develop sanitation marketing strategies

Lausanne, Switzerland and Rome, Italy – Fall 2018

Students consulted for AEG Worldwide, a global sports and entertainment organization to:

  • Analyze the transition between venues
  • Research marketing strategies
  • Identify strategic partnerships
  • Recommend additional revenue opportunities

Read more about the consulting project in Lausanne and Rome

London, United Kingdom/Geneva, Switzerland – Summer 2018

Students consulted for SEP Jordan, a social-impact luxury fashion and home accessories brand, to:

  • Develop a digital marketing strategy
  • Research and write a social impact report
  • Analyze website engagement and SEO performance
  • Recommend a brand ambassador program and processes

Read more about the consulting project in London and Geneva

Amsterdam, Netherlands/Brussels, Belgium – Fall 2017

Students consulted for a multinational software company that provides data management support for a variety of industries to:

  • Develop a pricing strategy for a new product based on competitive and market analysis
  • Enhance internal communications and employee engagement for offices around the globe
  • Recommend a marketing strategy based on current customer usage analytics
  • Research values of young professionals and recommend methods for attracting and retaining young talent

Read more about the consulting project in Amsterdam and Brussels

Lusaka, Zambia – Summer 2017

Students consulted for World Vision’s water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects to:

  • Complete a cost analysis of borehole drilling operations and supply chain management
  • Create a maintenance schedule for drilling rigs
  • Develop sustainable business model strategies
  • Recommend commercialization opportunities

Read more about the consulting project in Zambia

Vienna, Austria/Prague, Czech Republic – Fall 2016

Students consulted for the creator of an app used to track bills and expenses to:

  • Introduce tactics for expanding the company’s U.S. presence
  • Provide recommendations for developing monetization strategies
  • Identify opportunities for creating strategic partnerships

Read more about the consulting project in Vienna and Prague

Saluzzo, Italy – Fall 2015

Students consulted for an olive oil producer to:

  • Identify the U.S. geographic market and distribution strategies (type of stores, supply chain and importing research)
  • Develop marketing and digital solutions, including a new website and presence on social media platforms
  • Introduce neck tags and a new label for the product
  • Develop short-term and long-term suggestions for a media campaign

Read more about the consulting project in Italy

Tours, France – Fall 2014

Students consulted for a winery to:

  • Assist in introducing product distribution strategies
  • Develop marketing and digital solutions, including a new website, product label and print collateral
  • Recommend methods for increasing tourism to the vintner’s chateau
  • Present future projections for the company (5-10 years)

Read more about the consulting project in France

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