Business Analytics Certificate

The Drexel LeBow certificate in business analytics is designed to provide students with the ability to analyze and interpret data in order to help make strategic business decisions, solve complex issues, and enhance organizational operations and efficiencies. Through a series of specialized units, students will learn the skills needed to effectively extract and manage data, as well as the framework to analyze trends and uncover insights within an organization’s internal and external environments. The courses utilize a variety of analytical tools and software designed to help students discover the effectiveness of analytics and technology to make sound and informed decisions. Classes are delivered either in-person or online in an asynchronous format.

The Drexel LeBow Business Analytics Certificate (BAC) program is available to applicants possessing an earned bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited university or college. The program is designed to permit qualified candidates the opportunity to update their skills in a professional field of specialization in which they have had previous academic experience, or to acquire competence an area of business analytics.

The business analytics certification program requires completion of a four-course sequence and may include the following specialization areas:

  • Leveraging Analytics: In this certificate we underscore the importance of aligning analytics with business challenges and the the importance of about understanding the relationship between strategies and value. The role of which analytics within this relationship is examined.

  • Managing Data: With the explosion of disparate data sources, organizations must build a solid data foundation to achieve value from their data. This certificate is about extracting, transforming and storing disparate data into a format which can efficiently utilized for analytics.

  • Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics is predominant in many aspects of today’s organization. It will become more and more ubiquitous as the volume of data becomes larger. This certificate is about unlocking patterns and trends from your data.

  • Uncovering Insights: This certificate covers frameworks, tools and techniques which can help the organization extract insights and value from its data. Topics include, visualization, story telling and mapping.

  • Customized certificate option

Each unit is comprised of four three-credit courses. At the completion of each unit, the student is awarded with a business analytics certification in that specialized area.

Choose One Sequence

Leveraging Analytics Sequence

Course Title Credits
MGMT 510 Business Problem Solving 3
MIS 624 Systems Analysis & Design 3
MIS 612 Aligning Information Systems and Business Strategies 3
STAT 610 Statistics for Business Analytics 3

Managing Data Sequence

Course Title Credits
MIS 632 Database Analysis and Design for Business 3
MIS 635 Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce 3
STAT 610 Statistics for Business Analytics 3
STAT 632 Datamining for Managers 3

Predictive Analytics Sequence

Course Title Credits
BUSN 715 Business Consulting Projects 3
OPR 601 Managerial Decision Models and Simulation 3
STAT 610 Statistics for Business Analytics 3
STAT 642 Data Mining for Business Analytics 3

Uncovering Insights Sequence

Course Title Credits
MIS 630 Inter-Active Decision Support Systems 3
MKTG 606 Customer Analytics 3
MKTG 607 Marketing Experiments 3
STAT 610 Statistics for Business Analytics 3