Business Analytics Certificates

The Drexel LeBow Business Analytics Certificate (BAC) program is available to applicants possessing an earned bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited university or college. The program is designed to permit qualified candidates the opportunity to update their skills in a professional field of specialization in which they have had previous academic experience, or to acquire competence in an area of business analytics.

Certificates are stackable, meaning students who complete up to three certificates in business analytics can apply those credits toward completion of a full MS in Business Analytics degree. After completion of three certificates, students would only require nine additional credits for the full MS in Business Analytics degree. Classes are delivered either in-person or online in an asynchronous format.

Business Analytics Certificates

Certificate in Business Analytics Management

This certificate program enables students to understand how Business Analytics can support a firm’s strategic objectives and value-creating processes. Students learn the importance of aligning analytics with business challenges and the key management frameworks that can be used to achieve such alignment.

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Certificate in Data Management for Business Analytics

Faced with enormous proliferation in sources and volumes of data, organizations must build a solid foundation for data management in order to guarantee their ability to create value. Through this certificate program, students can master contemporary techniques for extracting, transforming and storing data as needed for efficient analytics.

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Certificate in Predictive Business Analytics

Predictive analytics provides the tools that contemporary organizations need to create value from their vast collections of data. This certificate program provides students with knowledge of programming, decision models, and the statistical techniques that are essential for unlocking patterns and trends from data.

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Certificate in Uncovering Insights with Business Analytics

In this certificate program, students learn how to frame and present insights from analytics to the broader organization. The benefit of analytics is realized when it is integrated with organizational culture, and techniques such as visualization, storytelling and mapping are used to communicate findings cogently and clearly to decision makers.

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